How do I “Pre-Qualify” ?

Click our Get A Loan page on our site to begin. After submitting your information – one of our Housing Specialists will be in contact with you about the next step in your home buying experience within 48 hours.

What if I am already approved for a loan with my mortgage company/bank?

Our finance department will be able to work with you and your lender.

What are closing costs?

When financing a home – closing costs are fees that are charged to you by the lender and others in accordance to your loan. Some of these costs may include – but are not limited to – appraisals, insurance, title fees, etc.

Do appliances come with my manufactured home?

On new homes – a range, refrigerator, and dishwasher are included. Microwaves and other appliances can be added upon request for an additional fee. Pre-owned homes do not include appliances. Please contact one of our Housing Specialists for details on upgrades.

Are there other upgrades available?

Absolutely. For new homes, our manufacturers offer a variety of different flooring and cabinet options to choose from when ordering your home.

Where will I55 Home Center deliver?

The prices of our homes include delivery anywhere in the Southern Louisiana and Southwest Mississippi area. We can also deliver outside of the Southern Louisiana and Southwest Mississippi region for an additional charge. Please contact one of our Housing Specialists for more information.

How does a manufactured home hold up in severe weather?

Manufactured homes are built to withstand high wind velocity. After the improvements to the HUD code in 1994 – Wind Zone II and Wind Zone III manufactured homes are built to withstand some of the most severe weather Link to informational video about manufactured homes and severe weather:

Manufactured or Modular – What’s the difference?

Manufactured Homes are built in a factory in accordance to the HUD construction codes.  Modular Homes are built in a factory in accordance to the residential code of your state.

Can I make changes to the home/floorplan?

Our Deer Valley homes offer the best option when making changes to your floorplan to fit your custom home needs.

What if I already have a floorplan?

With our Deer Valley line of homes you can apply a previous floorplan to make a custom home that fits your needs.

What if I am a first time buyer?

I55 Home Center has many options for first time buyers. The first step is to go to our Pre-Qualify page to prequalify for financing.

What if I have a low credit score?

I55 Home Center is dedicated to finding the best option for our customers when searching for a home. We have homes and financing options geared toward tough credit situations. Please contact one of our Housing Specialists to discuss the options we have for you.

What will my monthly payment be?

Our mortgage calculator can be used to help calculate your monthly payments. All you have to do is put in your information and the mortgage calculator will do the rest for you (interest rates vary depending on credit score). Please contact one of our Housing Specialists if you have any questions.

Will I need a down payment?

Not always – depending on the type of loan you are applying/qualified for – however, it is always best to put some money down towards the home.

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